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Pre-Release Builds/Continuous Integration

We use Travis CI and AppVeyor to continuously build VirtualGL pre-release packages from the latest stable and development source code. These packages are built using the same procedure as that of our official release packages, with the following differences:

master branch (2.5.x stable)

Un*x: Un*x Build status Windows: Windows Build status

(click on one of the build status images for more detailed status, history, and logs.)

New features/fixes are described in the change log.

Documentation for this pre-release is here

Linux Packages

Windows Packages (VirtualGL-Utils)

Versioning Conventions

Pre-release builds use the same major/minor version number as the most recent stable release, but a high revision number is used to indicate that the build is from a new generation of code-- x.x.80-x.x.89 for alpha builds (may not be feature-complete), x.x.90-x.x.94 for beta builds (feature-complete but not heavily tested in production environments yet), and x.x.95-x.x.99 for release candidate builds. We use this convention because:

  1. It does not lock us into choosing a major/minor version number until the beta is actually released.
  2. It ensures that packaging systems will always treat a next-gen pre-release as newer than the existing stable release but older than the next-gen stable release, once it become available.

Pre-Release Quality Conventions

Alpha/Evolving: Has usually undergone bench testing to ensure that, to the best of our knowledge, all features work properly. However, these builds are not feature-complete, so interfaces may not be finalized, and the code may not have been thoroughly tested by the community.

Beta: Feature-complete and has undergone more rigorous testing by us but may not yet have been thoroughly tested by the community, particularly in production environments.

Post-Beta: Includes fixes for bugs discovered after the beta version was released.

Release Candidate: Generally a release candidate is generated if one or more of the bug fixes introduced post-beta required significant and potentially disruptive changes to the code base. If no further bugs are discovered in the release candidate, then it becomes the final release.

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