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Thank you for your interest in The VirtualGL Project. As of March, 2012, we are no longer providing "cross-compatible" builds of TigerVNC. It was a pain to provide these, since we had to deal with all of the static dependencies (, gettext, GnuTLS) that were necessary to produce binaries that would run anywhere. TigerVNC is at its best when built against a distribution-supplied X server and libraries. A general procedure to do that on recent distributions (those that supply 7.4 or later, including RHEL 6) is described in the TigerVNC build instructions (although it will require some system-specific tweaks.)

We supplied cross-compatible builds as a service to the community, in hopes that we could build enough momentum around TigerVNC to eventually turn it into "TurboVNC 2.0." Ultimately, however, TigerVNC proved to be not a good fit for us for a variety of reasons, and most TurboVNC users were in favor of moving TurboVNC forward instead. Thus, The VirtualGL Project is no longer actively participating in the development of TigerVNC.

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